Saturday, October 8, 2016


STREAM,  being that of adding wRiting to the STEM, STEAM equation,
Holistic education approach,
incorporating the concept of holism, or the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts, in theory or practice:
My personal thoughts and what I teach
It all begins with a story, being able to tell a story, write a story , communicate a story across the broad platforms available to anyone and everyone in today's world via the web and conventional media.
 The story you tell throughout life may be your personal accomplishments and skills like what you would write on a resume if looking for a job. It may be an ongoing story of your interests like a blog. It may be a book you publish (and by the way  anyone can, and I think should be an author and publish books this is doable for anyone with Amazon Kindle direct publishing)
  The key point is this: Throughout a person's life I can think of no other skill as important as being able to communicate. Be it in personal relationships, family or business, being able to communicate our thoughts and interests and skillfully listening and understanding others thoughts interests and needs is essential.
 Electronic communication is an integral part of communication but throughout this blog you will see it used as a tool of communication not as the primary means and basis of communication. The basis of communication I teach is the art, skill and joy of eye to eye, heart to heart communication with other individuals.

My next post will start to lay out how to incorporate using visual sketches combined with cognitive thinking to lay out a story.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Beginnings turning STEM to STEAM

Having not presented work on this blog for quite sometime has been a personal example of the need and the purpose of this blog, that is, to " model the role of art in times of socioeconomics transition "

Rather than discussing the personal reasons for the long delay in blog posts I want to get going on the things that are happening that hopefully are of importance and value to you and your family.

With many area of interests being worked on one of my most passionate areas of interest in modeling the role of art in these most critical times is that of what's going on in the education system.

With STEM (STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. ) being a huge focus in national education goals I would like to offer some thoughts on STEM and the movement to turn STEM into STEAM. (STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math education

My personal thought on STEM has been that there is a very fundamental element of STEM model that is missing. With lots of study and research I found that I am not alone and other individuals in different organizations feel the same way.

So the missing fundamental is ART, including the many disciplines of art, visual, music, dance, sculpture crafts etc.

Those of us adding the "A" to the model are not arguing against STEM but want to see the model more balanced.

In thinking of an example of a master of STEAM education and life application I can think of no better example than Leonardo da Vinci. Truly a master at integrating science, technology engineering, art and math.

In study after study over decades of examples it has been found where schools have good arts programs the other areas of education also excel. Ultimately it is up to individuals to choose their own balance and for parents to assist their children in doing so. It is my sincere desire to share with parents and youth ways to integrate the "A" into custom tailoring an education model that is best for the individual and to also create lifelong activities to enrich one's own best holistic lifestyle.

I do not believe there is one set way to integrate the "A" into one's lifestyle and education but see more opportunities than one could possibly participate in. There are some basic fundamentals that can form a basis for further exploration and development.

Thinking back to my own childhood and that of my own children I could only think of how visual education began. Teaching a child math usually began with showing the child an image of say apples and adding or taking away. The numerical symbols meant little to the child but the apples sure did. As we progress to adulthood we use text and audible information at a great level to learn and communicate much more than the visual representation used as a child.

Going back to the child, were not the deepest thoughts of a child drawn out through a child making a drawing or painting and then explaining what the he or her was thinking

While looking at the drawing and showing it to we parents?

My point in discussing children's use of visual art in learning is not to redundantly discuss what you already know but to lay a foundation for one of the life enriching activities I promote to individuals of all ages.

My number one "A" activity is to incorporate visual art into all areas of interest, concerns and problem solving. I promise you in presenting information and telling a story be it a favorite movie or a serious documentary on the federal deficit before a word is spoken or a frame of video of video or film is shot, a visual storyboard is developed.

So then my number one " A" activity is to keep and develop a sketchbook. My personal goal and objective in keeping a sketchbook is to first have fun and enjoy doing so. To use it as a means to capture a moment and disconnect from the pace of the day. To record a thought needed in the present or safely stored for future reference.

To learn more on how I apply the fun parts of integrating the "A" into my lifestyle activities please visit my blog "An Easel A Brush And The Bus

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Art Classes April 2015 Pioneer Crafthouse

One Month of Art Classes for Parent and Child

 Explore art with your child. These Parent-Child classes are unique. A child attends with a parent, grandparent, special caring adult or caregiver

The classes teach imagination, observation and problem solving skills, the children and adults experiment with materials and tools, making discoveries and expressing their ideas and feelings through drawing, paintings, sculpture, and other media.

. In this class children will be introduced to a variety of artistic mediums including tempera, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, and homemade art materials. Each week children will have the opportunity to engage art-making with different mediums.

classes are offered in two groups. children between the ages of 5 to 10

and children between the ages of 10 to 17

(for requests for other age groups please contact for special arrangements)

This special KSL "deals offer includes one month of classes. Each class is held once a week and lasts for 2 hours. A materials list will be provided and students may purchase their own supplies or purchase for a nominal fee at time of class.

The cost of registration includes one parent/caregiver and one child. Parents and children should come dressed to get messy.

Classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Other times may be scheduled as need arises.
Please contact me at for additional details.

One Month of Art Classes
Keeping a Sketchbook
(Adult) ages 16 and above)

This class is purposed to teach an individual more than how to keep a sketchbook. Most importantly it is a method to help individuals find and take a few minutes each day to disconnect from their routine and find their creative mind set if only for a few minutes.

Keeping a sketchbook is an amazing tool for looking back and remembering pleasant moments and better managing the not so pleasant moments. A glimpse of a sketch can amazingly take one back to remembering the exact moment and the day the image was created.

Sketching can be a form of art therapy that quiets your left brain while allowing your right brain to express itself. This act can lead to a relaxing, meditative state.

Sketching daily will sharpen your observational skills. Your sketchbook Offers a relaxing and informal place in which to work. Your sketchbook is your private oasis, their is no right or wrong and their are no expectations of a polished work of art. It is the process that is important.

The classes include the first week in the studio reviewing and experimenting with various mediums. The next three classes will be at various locations in SLC. All locations will be easily accessible by Trax or bus.

A materials list will be provided and students may purchase their own supplies
The cost of registration includes one individual for four classes. Classes will be held Weekday evenings.
Please contact me at for additional details.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

KSL Deals Workshops 2015

 I am proud to Announce two new workshops to be held at Pioneer Craft House in South Salt Lake City. The workshops will lay the groundwork for open studio opportunities to work on your own projects. I will be teaching the workshops and mentoring students in open studio project classes.

"Art for the Entrepreneur" is an overview of how to make visual content for your social and content marketing needs. We will discuss the foundation for creating a plan and then setup some examples to photograph and demonstrate different lighting techniques for photography and videography. Those who need creative companionship and mentoring and who want and need a space to work on creating their own content can continue with our open studio opportunities.
  The "Art for the Entrepreneur" project is in its infancy and is already gaining momentum. This is the only opportunity in the Salt Lake Valley I know of that is focused on bringing out the artist in the business man or woman. The project is sponsored in part by Pioneer Craft House a ZAP funded organization.  To outreach to local artisans and businesses we are working with South Salt Lake Arts Counsel and the chamber of commerce.
   As the project advances we will be bringing in social marketing experts in content writing, and social marketing platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The project is already linking individuals and businesses with each other as well as web audiences.

"ART Sampler Workshop"
To introduce our new open studio art classes, we are offering this workshop to assist individuals in identifying what art experience one might enjoy the most.
Do you need creative companionship or mentoring to develop your own artistic style? And a place to come work on your project? Then this workshop and Pioneer Craft house is for you.
Open studio opportunities include:
Drawing and painting
Oil and Acrylic painting
Digital "Hands On" photography

Both workshops are being scheduled as well as the open studio classes.
Please email me for information, prices and times.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Take charge of your own creativity

The purpose and goal of Wasatchart blog is modeling the role of art in times of socioeconomic transition. So what does modeling the role mean on an individual basis? At the core of the initiative is the desire to assist others, many others to increase their participation and enjoyment of the creative process. It is believed that exceptional creative thinking will be required in coping with the complex lifestyles of a new post 2006 economy.

While government funding for many art programs remain flat or will see additional budget cuts the opportunity for personal creative endeavors has never been alive with more possibilities.

So what is creativity? And how can we personally increase our creativity and the application thereof?

The aspect of creativity that wasatchart blog encourages is that of actively creating or more simply stated building something. While building something usually is defined by a specific purpose or outcome. Creativity is not bounded by a successful finished result. Creating or building something is often experimentation in examining the processes and elements that formulate a finished product idea or concept. Often the finished result is finding what works what does not work and results in stimulus of new ideas or concepts. It is the enjoyment of the process that is most paramount in achieving personal satisfaction.

Taking charge of your own creativity can be as simple and as important as just taking a few moments for ones self. Since wasatchart blog is centered around the visual arts the encouragement is to make some sketches of thoughts, ideas, objects or urban and rural scenes of interest.

Friday, March 5, 2010

State of the Arts 2010

With art there is hope for 2010.
Hope for what?
Hope that on an individual basis despite of or regardless of ones own socioeconomic status that ones own personal enrichment and recreational opportunities can be pursued developed and enjoyed.

Hope for others to achieve individual replenishment and fulfillment, that the health, well being and functionality of individuals will foster healthy community and benefit the society in whole.

Hope that participation in the arts will both enrich individuals and foster awareness for the value of the arts in our developing culture.

With the current economic conditions prevailing in 2010 funding for the arts is chaotic at best. Endowments from government and private organizations and funds generated from individuals are significantly down.

The arts were not totally ignored in the recent government economic stimulus package. Funds were allocated to the National Endowment for the Arts and have provided some assistance to arts organizations. Future endowments remain in question as local, state and federal tax bases are experiencing deeper and deeper budget cuts. Many long time arts organizations have had to cease existence.

Art in the last depression
In 1933 and 1934, during the period of "The Great Depression," the Federal government's Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) was organized by the Civil Works Administration. The general purpose of the program was "to give work to artists by arranging to have competent representatives of the profession embellish public buildings." This program lasted less than one year, yet it provided employment for approximately 3,700 artists who created nearly 15,000 works of art.
In 1935, a similar project, the Federal Art Project (FAP) was established by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The Federal Art Project continued until 1943, when the beginning of World War II had changed economic priority to the war effort.
Many of the works profiled the conditions of “the day” profiling the work and initiatives that were taking place to sustain and stimulate the economy in the depression. There are still many of those works of art being enjoyed today. A Google image search will bring up several works to look at.
So where and what are the opportunities for furthering the arts in our culture going forward?
From my own personal perspective the greatest immediate opportunity for furthering the arts is to increase participation in the arts at a personal level. My enjoyment of the arts is mostly centered on the visual arts however I think ones interest can be increased in about any area of the arts that are ones personal interest.
How and why to increase you individual participation.
My purpose behind the establishment of this blog and my own personal example of how I use the arts for personal enrichment and recreation ( is to assist individuals in identifying way to develop and pursue ones own enriching recreational opportunities.
Connect with organizations that are in your area of interest. There are many organizations that have ongoing activities, often times free. Join and be a part of the organizations and look for opportunities to volunteer. In years past I have had the opportunity to volunteer and assist with art events at a local art center. I have enjoyed the experiences immensely. Meeting other artists and patrons attending the events has resulted in interesting conversations and ongoing relationships with other individuals of like interest.
Almost any area of interest in the arts has clubs that are prefect for sharing artistic information. Meeting regularly and socialization with others of like interests can build lasting friendships and have in many cases realized other benefits like networking when looking for a job etc.

The irony of the current economic situation is that it is not an entirely new situation. We have seen depressions and recessions in the past. The magnitude and scope of this current situation has its own intricacies both problematic and an opportunistic.
As art galleries close as performing arts organizations cut back performances or cease operation because of financial limitations The importance of the arts for many will shift to the value of the arts to meaning more so than monetary values.
The opportunity going forward through times of financial turmoil may see our view and use of the arts rise from an intrinsic enjoyment and appreciation of the arts to an elevated state, that of implementing and using personal participation in the arts as a dynamic tool we use for our own sustained physical, mental and emotional health.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Need For Personal Replenishment Becomes Greater

Two to three times a week I meet with three other business associates to informally discuss, brainstorm and strategize our future economic survival. Our group consists of a retail shop owner two independent artists and me an unemployed web developer.
Reflecting on the last few weeks of dialog I have come to visualize the bunch of us as some old, but not so old guys hanging out at the barber shop dissecting every idea and possibility for making a buck. The last several days though our quartet seems to be singing a tired song, tired of what seems to be a deepening lack luster economy. Tired of trying to hold ones own, struggling economically to hang on.
Other of my business associates outside the group that represent the auto industry, custom furniture and cabinet fabrication are also experiencing the same effects.
While the purpose of this post is not to be consumed with the negative the reality is evident that the current economic status is becoming a long term situation.
The Salt Lake Tribune the past month ran headliners stating that another 1,000 government jobs would be cut and recently that another 800 Aerospace jobs were also on the chopping block.
While the government figures for unemployment nationally are stated to be around the 10% area the real unemployment rate takes into consideration many factors including those who have exhausted their insurance benefits and those underemployed. A couple of links regarding the statistics are:
Fox Business news,
Brian Sullivan
and the The US Dept of Labor, BLS

Contemplating the voices of individuals tired by struggling and coping with economic uncertainty it is evident the need is becoming increasingly greater for individual replenishment. Replenishment being the foundation of recreation.
Looking at the situation on the positive side, the cup half full side, both the need and opportunity for personal replenishment is possible with and through increased participation in the arts.
The arts are being hit hard, really hard by the economic crisis. Has identified some of the effects in a most interesting article,
So opportunities for involvement in the arts will require individuals to they themselves take the initiative to create, participate and hopefully share with others,
In previous posts I have noted the positive social benefits of the arts. There are two free events that I recommend for stimulating interest in the visual arts and sculpting. Each month in Salt Lake City and also Park City there are Gallery stroll evening events. More than a stimulating look at a plethora of styles and subjects created by a diverse array of artists, the events are a opportunity to visit with some of the artists, gallery owners and staff and learn about their creative process.

Salt Lake Gallery Stroll

Park City Gallery Stroll
Hosted by the Kimball Art Center

For my own personal replenishment this month I have been doing on location sketching throughout the city. I also have been doing some sketching in the Wendover Nevada area.
For more on how I integrate art as a part of outdoor recreation please visit my Blog An Easel A Brush & The Bus

Please also check out my page of classes workshops and free events