Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Culture Considerations

The political environment is only one aspect of culture. There
are many other important elements to consider that make up
a culture.
While a culture is made up of many many elements and many
individuals within a culture, individuals can and should
examine the cultural accepted norms in there culture.
Individuals can
then decide if the prevalent norms work for oneself’s best
interests and lead to one’s best quality of life. If the cultural
norms are not working for oneself and the critical mass in
directions that create negative aspects towards cultural
decline,declines that are evident by social decline then it’s
time to make your own choices that will structure your
cultural environment as best as possible. 

As I have initiated work on this project what has become
and is most evident through the research I have done is
cultural decline is a barometer of a combination of multiple
cultures that we as individuals are part of. For example we
are part of a national culture so what is it ?, what has it been
in the past ?, what does the future national look like ?.
Thinking of State and local cultures is also a worthwhile

As one thinks deeply about the cultures they live in and how
they have been and are presently affected by those cultures,
then you will see how much the overall cultures narrow down
to the effect on an individual. Most importantly then how by
critical thinking about one’s culture and making thoughtful
choices one can work to define their own best culture.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ambassadors of Culture Project

Ambassadors of Culture Project is first a project to examine one's own lifestyle and the culture one lives in.
Why?, because in one's lifetime you most likely have seen and will continue to experience changes in the culture you have  and now do live in. If you are happy with the culture you are presently living then great!, take note and understand what brings you personal satisfaction and  a sense of well being and happiness and why so. Doing so serves as a foundation that in the event conditions change perhaps to a less than desirable circumstance you will have a clear understanding of what the “good old days” meant to oneself.

Present cultural disconnect, if you are not so happy with how the culture you live in and why the culture is functioning or not functioning to your liking then the Ambassadors of Culture Project is designed for you. Its purpose is to assist you in choosing cultural elements and structuring your own culture as best as possible for oneself and in the case of parents a nurturing lifestyle for your children,

Why now?, Because any individuals from all socioeconomic positions  in life are themselves not feeling good about the cultural they are living in and experiencing. Many are lacking in confidence in future wellbeing.
Throughout the Ambassadors of Culture Project reasons for discontentment will be examined  but the focus will be on positive actions that create sustainable solutions.
It is my sincere hope you will benefit from this project, Please follow along as may more posts as well as activities are in the works.